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Stewie/Brian Love

Allow me to begin this entry with a bit of backstory.

I recently began watching "Family Guy" after I first came to college in August.  The only other two times I had seen it, I had turned it off, because it was considered "too raunchy" for me and therefore I was not allowed to watch it.  Needless to say, with the liberation of college came the discovery of several new obsessions, and "Family Guy" is now one of them.  I love the show to death.  People rag on it a lot for its very particular brand of humor, but it's just perfect for me — random, completely out there, with a touch of cleverness.  Anybody who tries to deny the success in such a formula is fooling themselves.  Wasn't Family Guy brought back from cancellation twice?

Moving on.  Stewie and Brian are my two favorite characters from the show, but now a bit of a conspiracy is swirling around the two of them, Stewie in particular.  I think it's pretty obvious that he's gay or at least bi, because the show's been hinting at it since the beginning.  However, a *new* twist is that Stewie has been catching Brian's eye a lot, lately.

I'm not trying to be funny or mocking anything, I really think Stewie does "like" Brian.  There's canonical proof!  For example, in the episode where Stewie gets sunburned and thinks he's going to die of skin cancer (I can't remember the name), there's a part where he ballroom dances with Brian and whispers something that he later claims was "olive juice."  Needless to say, Brian is unsettled.  And, more recently, in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)", Brian's girlfriend Jillian runs out on him and Stewie tries to convince Brian to "have sex with somebody, anybody.  Just don't even think about it.  The next person you see."  The light is then turned on and Stewie is right in front of Brian's face, smiling hopefully.  (Brian punches his lights out.)

This is partly why I liked that new episode, as it provided evidence on the theory I'd been forming, that the writers of "Family Guy" are hinting at a Stewie/Brian romance.  I personally think that an episode where Stewie "comes out" to Brian could be hilarious, if done right.  Maybe that could be the plot of their next movie (Seth MacFarlane mentioned a feature film is a possibility).  According to Wikipedia, "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" was supposed to have a plot like that (, but the writers decided to "go another way" in order to have more freedom when writing Stewie's character.  Which makes sense, I guess, although I still think it'd be fun to see an episode like that, if only for its shock value.

And there's the problem: If the writers did end up doing something like that, they'd have to walk a very, very fine line.  Done right, it could be funny as hell.  Done wrong, and the whole thing would collapse and seem like a sick joke.  The pairing is actually kind of sick to begin with; it's a dog and a baby, both male.  To be fair, both Stewie and Brian seem more like adults trapped in a baby and dog's body (respectively), so it's not as weird as it might be, but still.  If the story ends up being too disturbing, "The Freakin' FCC" may take it upon themselves to step in...hehe.

I dunno.  I'm still holding out hopes that Stewie will eventually confess to Brian.  A hope partly stirred by a great fanfic called "Coming Out" (, which has a plot similar to the one described above.  Maybe the "Family Guy" writers could take a cue or two from it, lol.  "Family Guy" will always hold a special place on my list of favorite TV shows, and it would be fun to see the show be even more different from the others with a new direction like this.

Come on, wouldn't Stewie/Brian be hilarious? :)
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